This training session covers the fundamentals of what makes a good website, so that your business website ranks well on Google, gets increased traffic, and generates more leads.

You’ll receive an introduction to search engine optimisation (SEO), including how to set up your website so it gets found by the search engines.

We’ll also cover the tracking tools you’ll need to measure and monitor your website performance, how to improve your website functionality and user experience, how to develop a search and content marketing strategy using the right keywords, and an overview of what you’ll need to set up an online marketing campaign.

What topics does this online training session cover?

  • Setting up your Google search tools to get your website found online
  • Installing and using Google Analytics to measure and monitor your site performance
  • Mapping out a website page structure that makes your site easy to navigate
  • Understanding the different types of SEO keywords and how to choose the right ones for you
  • Writing optimised copy for your website SEO titles and meta descriptions
  • Reviewing the best online tools and resources you need to capture leads
  • Planning your ongoing content marketing strategy to drive increased website traffic
  • How to track visitors to your site, so that you can retarget them with ads in the future

During the training we’ll be implementing as much as we can, as well as creating an action list and plan for those tasks which can’t be immediately implemented. This will ensure you’ll have a detailed list of actions, so you’ll know exactly where to focus in coming weeks and months to optimise your website performance.

In addition, you’ll also receive 4 weeks of post-session coaching support via email, so I’ll be there to answer any queries in case you get stuck with implementing anything that you’ll learn.

Who’s this training session for?

This marketing training session is suitable for service-based business owners who want to grow their traffic and capture more online leads. It will provide an introduction to the SEO and online marketing strategies required to generate website traffic and get your site found online by the search engines.

This training session is for business owners with an active website. If you've not yet launched your website, then this session will not be suitable.

How will the session be delivered?

The 1-to-1 training session will be conducted virtually via Zoom teleconferencing with Marketing Coach, Hayley Robertson.

As mentioned above, we’ll be implementing some tasks during the session, so please ensure you have access to the administration area of your website to make the necessary changes.

Please also ensure you have a Google account and access to the log-in details to any existing accounts if you have them (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google my Business).

What’s the investment?

The cost is $397 (incl. GST) and includes:

  • A 2-hour online training session via Zoom
  • 4-Weeks of post-session support via email
  • A workbook and checklist to optimise your website
  • A list of recommended online tools and resources

What have other attendees said?

"I have just attended Hayley's Optimise your Website for Growth workshop and she has demystified the world of SEO for me. I have come away with a list of actions that I can implement myself and a number of tools that I can use to make this process so much easier. This is the best, down to earth and easily implemented marketing advice that I have ever had and I look forward to identifying more ways we can work with Hayley to improve our overall marketing strategy".

Karen Woller | Thrive Chartered Accountants

How do I register?

To register, simply complete the form below and I will be in touch soon to arrange and schedule your session.