Want to get clarity and direction for your service business – in a fast and easy way...

But not sure where to start?

Marketing Momentum is a simple 5-step course that will help you get clarity, move forwards, and develop the personalised marketing strategy and plan that you need to grow faster and with ease.


This simple 5-step Marketing Plan course has been years in the making...

Over the years, I've learned a lot about how to develop a marketing strategy and plan for service businesses…

It gives you that solid marketing foundation from which you can build upon to move forward and grow.

And the clarity and direction you need to efficiently and effectively build a dream business that you love.

Now I’m sharing my simple 5-step marketing strategy and planning process that I've used to grow my own small business. And, it's what I teach my private coaching clients too.

Plus, I've incorporated everything I've learnt after more than 15 years working in corporate sales and marketing roles and completing an MBA.

With Marketing Momentum, you can develop a personalised marketing strategy and plan for your business in just a matter of days, when you follow my simple 5-step planning process.

So, are you ready to get unstuck, and develop a marketing strategy and plan that will help you build momentum and take your business to the next level?

Well, of course, you are!

Get the Marketing Momentum course today for only $49 AUD.


The Marketing Momentum course will help you to...

So, here's what you get with the Marketing Momentum course...

> 5 Step-by-Step Video Modules to guide you through the planning process

> A BONUS Marketing Plan Template to save time and make the process easier

> A BONUS Sales Planner Spreadsheet that removes all the complexity

> A BONUS Marketing Activity Calendar to help you map out your promotional dates

> A BONUS Marketing Masterclass to help you research your target market

> A BONUS Metrics Tracking Template to help you stay focused on your goals

That's right... You'll get 5 x step-by-step online video learning modules...

PLUS, these 5 amazing bonuses:
a marketing plan template, a sales planner spreadsheet, a marketing activity calendar template, a target market research masterclass, and a metrics tracking template to help you stay focused on your goals...

All for only $49 AUD!



By the end of the Marketing Momentum course, you’ll have:

  • Clarity and Direction

  • A Marketing Strategy

  • An Activity Calendar

  • An Actionable Marketing Plan

  • A Marketing Metrics Tracker

    And you'll have learned my simple 5-step planning process:

    develop a marketing strategy


    Create an actionable marketing plan to set your business up for success.
    design irresistible services


    Measure and track the marketing metrics that matter against your goals.

    Marketing Momentum is right for you if you're a...

    You'll get unstuck and move your service business forwards sooner with lifetime access to the Marketing Momentum course...

    Plus, these five time-saving BONUSES you'll actually use:

    Sales Planning Spreadsheet
    A Sales Planner Spreadsheet
    Marketing Activity Calendar
    A Marketing Activity Calendar Template
    Marketing Plan Template
    A Marketing Plan Template
    Marketing Metrics Tracker Template
    A Marketing Metrics Tracking Template
    Bonus Masterclass How to Research your target market
    A Market Research Masterclass

    All for just $49 AUD!

    Here's what others say about Marketing Momentum...

    Samantha Bell Copywriter
    I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic Marketing Momentum course.

    It was so well put together. It taught me some strategies I’m missing – and all without the fluff that plagues so many other course offerings. — Samantha B.

    Cat Martindale-Vale
    I gained a lot of clarity in this course and found myself finding an ah-hah moment in each module.

    The separate activities meant I took action rather than just learning for learning's sake. Marketing Momentum has set me on the right track for the coming quarter. — Cat M.

    Introducing your Marketing Coach and Business Mentor...

    Hi, I’m Hayley Robertson

    I'm an MBA-qualified Marketing Coach and Business Mentor. In 2018, I left corporate life behind, and founded my online coaching business - My Client Strategy.

    I'm based in Brisbane, Australia, and specialise in teaching service-based business owners, like you, how to get clarity, attract more clients, and grow your service business faster and with ease.

    For more than 15 years, I worked in corporate sales and marketing roles, and developed marketing strategies and plans for some of Australia’s largest service-based organisations.

    Now, I teach small business owners how to do the same via my 1:1 coaching program, Business Breakthrough and my online membership, the My Client Strategy Academy.

    Now, you may be wondering why I created Marketing Momentum...

    The idea came after a conversation with one of my coaching clients who had lost their spark and passion for their business.

    They were STUCK, spinning around in circles, and feeling unproductive.

    But, I could tell they just needed a little bit of direction to help them get started with their marketing strategy and plan, so they could get clarity, move forwards, and find some of that lost motivation!

    So, I asked myself the question…

    "What simple steps could a service-based small business owner take to create an easy-to-implement marketing strategy and plan that would provide clarity and direction fast"?

    I didn’t want to worry about how to incorporate every marketing strategy that the latest guru tells you that you need to have.

    That would just add unnecessary complexity and cost.

    I also wasn’t interested in teaching you how to build out a long and complicated document that would just gather dust in a desk drawer.

    Because who’s got time for that!

    Rather I asked myself:

    “How can I create a marketing strategy and planning framework that is simple to follow and gives you the clarity you need to help you move forward”.

    I reviewed the content that I had been using to teach my 1:1 Business Breakthrough coaching program clients and was able to create…

    Marketing Momentum: A marketing strategy and planning course to help you get unstuck and find the clarity and motivation you’ve been searching for, to set you up for business success.

    Without the complexity.

    And in a short amount of time.

    Stop feeling overwhelmed and stuck...

    And start moving your service business forwards with the personalised marketing strategy and plan you need to grow faster and with ease.

    Marketing Momentum FAQs

    1When does Marketing Momentum start and finish?
    The training starts now and never ends! It's a completely self-paced online course - you get access to all content immediately, so you can decide when you start and when you finish. You can watch all 5 modules in less than 3 hours. And you'll have access to the planning spreadsheets and templates to create your marketing plan for now and again in the future.
    2How long do I have access to Marketing Momentum?
    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this training course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
    3Can I buy this, try it out, and then ask for a refund?
    Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this marketing strategy and planning course - where you can immediately download all of the templates and training - refunds are not available.
    4Will Marketing Momentum be suitable for my service-based business?
    The short answer is yes! Marketing Momentum is an online course that has been designed specifically for service-based businesses. If you're a product-based or e-commerce business, then Marketing Momentum will not be suitable for your business.