Identify target market
Marketing Strategy, Service Design, Starting a Business

5 Ways to identify a target market for your service business

Are you wanting to identify a target market for your service business, but not sure where to start? Or do you keep changing your mind and flip-flopping from one type
How to create irresistible service programs for your small business
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15 Things you need to create an irresistible service offering

Is building a new irresistible service offering on your to-do list? And have you been struggling to find the time to create it? Or are you not quite sure where
3 Ways to create a Black Friday offer
Marketing Strategy, Service Design

Black Friday Marketing: 3 Ways to create a service-based offer

Black Friday has become an important promotional period for service-based business owners. Yes, it’s not just eCommerce and brick and mortar businesses that can participate in Black Friday and Cyber