what successful businesses do to attract consistent clients
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3 Things successful businesses do to find consistent clients

If you’re a coach, or consultant, or run a service-based business, you’re well aware that attracting consistent clients isn’t just about luck. It’s about creating compelling marketing that converts your
marketing activities to do when your service business is quiet
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5 Marketing activities to stay visible during quiet times

Have you recently pulled back on your marketing activities because it feels like things are quiet in your small business? Maybe it’s a seasonal effect with less demand for your
find clients without social media
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10 Simple ways to find clients without using social media

Want to find and work with more of your ideal clients? Maybe your business is brand-new, and you’re still looking to build your client list. Or perhaps you’re wanting to
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5 Signs your marketing plan won’t get you the results you want

If your marketing isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, then it can be a sign that you need to improve your marketing plan. Usually, it doesn’t mean you need
how to generate leads and enquiries for a service business
Lead Generation, Sales Process

The secret to generating high-quality leads and enquiries

Ever wonder why some people are so successful at generating leads and enquiries? And not just any leads and enquiries! I’m talking about the high-quality client leads and sales enquiries
service-based bonus offer
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10 Ways to add a service-based bonus offer to drive sales

Are you struggling to make enough sales in your service business? Or are you not sure where to start when it comes to building a sales promotion and adding a
boost your sales and marketing confidence
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7 Tips to boost your marketing confidence and make more sales

How often have you thought, “I’m just not good at marketing”? And I don’t blame you… Because putting yourself out there and marketing your business can be challenging, especially when
How to generate sales leads
Lead Generation, Sales Process, Starting a Business

How to generate sales leads without using social media

Are you looking for other ways to generate sales leads without social media? Maybe you’re not enjoying spending time on the platforms. Or perhaps you’re feeling disappointed about the results
why you are not booking discovery calls
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5 Reasons why you’re not booking more discovery calls

Are you struggling when it comes to booking more discovery calls? Even though you feel like you’ve tried almost every marketing strategy out there. Well, you’re not alone! I can