Communicating a price increase to your clients
Marketing Strategy, Sales Process, Service Design

5 Tips for communicating a price increase to your clients

Are you wanting to implement a price increase but not sure how to tell your clients? Perhaps you’re struggling to find the right words… Or maybe asking for more money
bright shiny objects
Marketing Planning, Sales Process, Starting a Business

How bright shiny objects lead to inconsistent sales

If you’re a service-based small business owner, you’ve likely been distracted by “bright shiny objects” ⁠⁠at some stage. Maybe it was when you had a great new idea to launch
sales copy tips for a sales page that converts
Lead Generation, Sales Process, Service Design

3 Sales copy tips for creating a sales page that converts

Are you struggling to write sales copy that generates enquiries from your website? Or perhaps you’re generating the wrong type of enquiries from clients who aren’t a good fit or
lead generation process to attract dream clients
Lead Generation, Marketing Planning, Sales Process

3 Reasons why your lead generation process is not working

When I first started my online coaching business, I struggled with my lead generation process. I was working away at my desk each day, but no matter what I tried,
attract your ideal clients
Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy, Sales Process

3 reasons why you are not attracting your ideal clients

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients? Even though you feel like you’ve tried just about everything when it comes to marketing? Well, you’re not alone! I can tell
What is a sales page
Lead Generation, Online Marketing, Sales Process

What is a sales page? (And 10 things it MUST include to convert)

Today I want to answer a question that I get a lot, and that is… what is a sales page? Which is often followed by a series of other questions
lead generation process and structure
Lead Generation, Marketing Planning, Sales Process

7 Ways to add more structure to your lead generation process

Do you wish you had a more structured lead generation process so that you can create a consistent flow of clients and sustainability for your service business? If so, well,
new client welcome pack
Client Onboarding, Sales Process

What to include in a welcome packet for new clients

A welcome packet is a fantastic way to introduce new clients to your service business. It will help you to start your business relationship off in a great place and
How to promote your event and increase registrations
Lead Generation, Sales Process

How to promote an event for your service-based business

If you want to sell out, then you’ll need some strategies for how to promote an event for your service-based business. But where do you start? And what marketing activities