10 Simple ways to find clients without using social media

10 Simple ways to find clients without using social media

find clients without social media

Want to find and work with more of your ideal clients?

Maybe your business is brand-new, and you’re still looking to build your client list.

Or perhaps you’re wanting to find a different kind of client because you’re tired of working with clients who aren’t a good fit for you and your business.

Whatever the reason, it’s an important objective if you want to create a dream business you LOVE.

So, where do you start?

And what type of marketing can you do that doesn’t involve spending all day creating Instagram reels, sending time-consuming DMs, or dancing around on social media platforms?

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The good news is that there are many ways to market your business and find clients without using social media.

Plus, many of these marketing ideas won’t take that long to plan and execute.

And once implemented, they’ll continue generating leads from your ideal clients without any additional marketing effort.

So, want to know how you can market your business without social media?

Yes? Brilliant – here’s just a handful of ideas to get you started when it comes to finding clients:

1. Update your SEO keywords and rank your website higher in the Google search

I’m a huge fan of search engine optimisation (SEO) because the simple fact is it works!

Whenever I work with my Business Breakthrough 1:1 coaching clients, we always spend time researching keywords to drive more qualified website traffic.

And then, we strategically place these on their website so the Google search engine can find them.

If you’re unsure where to start, check out my favourite SEO keyword research tool that I teach my clients to use – Keywords Everywhere.

Once you’ve set your SEO keywords up, I recommend analysing your performance using Google Analytics, so you can get the insights you need to optimise your site further.

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2. Set up a Google Business Profile and start appearing on the Google Map Search

A Google Business Profile is essential if you’re a small business owner looking for clients in your local area.

Setting your profile up is like creating a Facebook page for your business, and something you can do in a relatively short time.

Another benefit of appearing on the Google map search is that these listings often show up above the regular listings in the Google search.

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3. Start creating and sharing long-form content – either a blog, podcast, or video series

Content marketing is a simple and effective way to get your business found.

You’ll become known as an expert in your niche when you regularly write, speak, or present in your specialist area.

And if your content is valuable and thought-provoking for your audience, it will also stand out amongst all the other content that’s out there online.

I recommend focusing on creating content that plays to your strengths, so for example, if you like writing, start a blog.

Or, if speaking is where you feel more comfortable, launch a podcast and build up your audience on that platform.

Make sure you also incorporate SEO keywords into your headlines and content so it gets found online.

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4. Collaborate with other business owners by participating in a giveaway, online summit, or bundle offer

I’ve collaborated with several business owners over the years and have significantly grown my email list with qualified leads.

I recommend researching Facebook groups to find these opportunities.

Or reach out to people who you know have run collaborations in the past and ask them to add you to their list of future contributors.

If you can’t find a collaboration that you think will be suitable, then consider running your own.

Also, speak to those in your network and discuss what giveaways, online summits or bundle offers you could run together.

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5. Send an email to people in your network or on your email list with a limited-time-only offer

This marketing idea is simple and easy, especially if you’ve already invested the time to build an email list.

However, you don’t need a large list for this strategy to work effectively, so don’t let a small email list hold you back.

To get started, consider what bonus offers you could create around your existing services.

Or if there’s an opportunity to create a new one-time-only service offering that your clients would be interested in.

I recommend sending out more than one email with your offer, as not everyone will see and engage with your email the first time you send it.

Sometimes your audience will also need to see an offer more than once before they’re ready to buy, so keep showing up throughout your promotional offer period.

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6. Reach out to past clients and tell them about something new or something that you’ve updated in your business

This email marketing idea is another simple and easy one you can use to generate quick cash flow.

Take a moment to think if there’s anything in your business that’s changed recently.

It could be a new service that you’ve introduced. Or maybe you’re considering some changes to your pricing.

Alternatively, it could be a new staff member, updated opening hours, or perhaps a new supplier you’re working with.

Send a short email to your past clients to let them know about this change and add a simple question or call to action at the end to encourage them to reply.

Sometimes a simple connection is all it takes to get a sale.

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7. Attend events or join a membership or business networking group

Getting out there and meeting people in person is one of the best ways to create relationships, become memorable, and build trust with potential clients.

All of these are essential elements when it comes to making sales.

As soon as I started networking and joined a women’s business network, it was a real turning point for my business.

I’m now a member of three different business communities and highly recommend it to find clients and referrals.

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8. Pitch to appear as a guest on someone else’s podcast

For this strategy to succeed, you must do some research first.

Find and listen to other people’s podcasts before approaching them, so you can validate that you have a similar audience.

And so that your pitch contains ideas and suggestions that would be suitable and valuable for the podcast host and their audience.

Remember, no one wants to receive a generic podcast pitch that’s obviously been cut and pasted!

So, put the effort in and personalise each approach that you make.

If you’re short on time, researching and finding appropriate podcasts can also be outsourced to people who specialise in doing this.

9. Get involved in your local community

This lead-generation strategy to find clients is most suitable for businesses marketing to a local audience.

So, what could you do, and where do you start?

Sponsoring an event or volunteering your time are just two examples of getting involved in your local community and getting your business name out there.

You’ll find these kinds of events regularly advertised on Eventbrite and in local community Facebook Groups.

Whenever you’re attending or getting involved with local community events, consider wearing business-branded clothing.

I have clients who wear their business-branded shirts regularly in their local community, and they strike up several meaningful conversations with potential clients as a result.

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10. Host a free or low-cost event where you inform or teach something valuable to your audience

If you sell a high-ticket service, your clients will likely want to know specific details or have questions they want to ask before buying.

This is where informational and educational events effectively attract and nurture qualified leads and clients.

Consider what you commonly get asked by people in your community and if there is a topic that you could inform or teach them more about.

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So, there are ten simple ways to find clients without spending all day on social media.

Marketing your business doesn’t need to feel complicated or hard.

You just need to play to your marketing strengths and choose the activities that best align with you and your business.

Not sure where to start when it comes to finding your first clients?

What you need is a solid sales and marketing foundation that will give you the confidence and motivation to show up consistently and attract the ideal clients you’ve been looking for. And that’s where I can help.

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