15 Types of emails you can send to engage your email list

15 Types of emails you can send to engage your email list

15 Types of emails you can send

Do you ever struggle with what types of emails you should send your email list?

Maybe you find it challenging to stay consistent with your communications?

Or are you not quite sure where to start?

Perhaps you’ve had ‘write an email welcome sequence’ on your to-do-list for a while…

But for some reason, you never seem to get around to it.

Now, are you ready to change all that?

To have an endless list full of content ideas to send your email list.

And to have a regular email marketing rhythm that will help you increase client engagement and grow your business?

You are? Excellent!

15 Types of emails you can send to engage your email list

Listed below you’ll find 15 types of emails you can send to engage your email list.

1. A welcome email

When someone first joins your email list, it’s a good idea to send a welcome email to thank them for signing up.

You could also set up an email welcome sequence, which is a series of 5 – 7 emails sent out over the first 7 – 10 days after someone joins your email list.

Within this welcome series, you could include:

  • A thank you welcome email
  • A getting to know you email to introduce yourself
  • A valuable tips email to position yourself as an expert
  • A testimonials email to show social proof and build trust
  • A call to action sales email where you introduce your services

2. A get to know you email

To grow your business and generate leads, you must build trust with your followers.

And one way you can do this is by sharing a bit about you and your business.

Perhaps you could tell your potential clients a story about how you built your business or why you went into business in the first place.

Also, don’t forget to ask your email list subscribers to reply and tell you a bit about them too.

3. An invitation email

Hosting events (either online or in-person) is a great way to engage your audience, and I’ve found that my email list is the number one source for my registrations.

It makes sense that the people who have already signed up to your email list will be the ones most likely to want to come along to your event.

So, if you’ve got an information session or webinar coming up, be sure to send out an email to your list.

Email marketing can also be a really effective way to increase the number of people who show up live on your Facebook page or IGTV as well.

Just send out a short email 15 or 30 minutes before you’re going live with an invitation and link they can click to watch.

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4. A storytelling email

If you’re looking for email content ideas, then telling a story is a great way to engage your list.

I use a quick technique to come up with my stories which starts by thinking about something that happened to you this week.

Perhaps you got asked an interesting question during one of your client appointments, or maybe you attended a course or event.

Next, think about what you learned or what you reflected on after that thing happened.

And finally, consider how sharing this reflection or learning could help or be valuable to your clients.

5. A testimonial email

Including a testimonial from one of your clients is a great way to build credibility and trust with your email list.

Before including the testimonial, I recommend writing a story about the transformation that your client achieved while working together.

At the end of the email, also include a call to action to apply for a discovery call, to chat about how you could help them achieve similar results.

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6. An announcement email

Is there something new or exciting happening in your business?

Or is there something changing in your business that you need to announce?

An announcement email could be sent to your email list when you’re moving locations, bringing on a new staff member, launching a new service, changing your operating hours, updating your website, adding a new booking system, or when you’ve gained a new qualification or certification, as just some examples.

It’s essential to keep your clients and potential clients informed, and email is a great way to do this.

7. A tools and resources email

Trying to find the right tools and resources can be very time-consuming and overwhelming for your clients.

So, if you can send out an email with a list of useful and helpful tools and resources for your email list, they will find it unbelievably valuable.

Add a call to action to your email for your leads to click through to a blog post (that you’ve written about these tools), so they can read more detail.

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8. A helpful tips email

Providing helpful tips to your email list helps you to build credibility and positions you as an expert in your niche.

Perhaps you could share a quick tip or map out a step by step process for your clients that will help them get unstuck.

At the end of your email, add a call to action to contact you to chat further about how you could help them more.

9. A sales email

Now, while you don’t want all your emails to be too salesy, you mustn’t forget to send out a pure sales email now and again.

If your membership is currently open or you have a limited number of spots available in your calendar, then you can email your list to tell them.

However, as a tip – your sales emails are going to be far more successful if you’re sending them to a warm email list.

So, that means you need to have sent a series of valuable and helpful emails before you start sending out offers.

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10. A “can we chat?” email

To generate a sales enquiry, sometimes all you need to do is ask.

And that’s where a ‘can we chat?’ email comes in.

If you’ve got a warm email list (where you’ve been giving value and engaging regularly), then don’t hesitate to send this type of email out now and again.

The tone of the email is one that’s friendly and shows that you understand how your potential clients may be feeling right now.

Then you reach out and ask if they are ready to chat about making a change and finding a solution to their pain point or problem.

11. A favour email

Have you just launched a new podcast or written a book?

If so, you may want to send an email to your list to ask them if they could do you a favour and listen or download your new podcast. You could even ask your subscribers to write a review online.

Another way that you could use this type of email is when you are looking for client feedback.

Ask your subscribers if they could please do you a favour and answer a few quick survey questions.

12. A content teaser email

If you write a regular blog or record a podcast, then the opening few sentences or introduction copy would make a great email to your list.

It provides a teaser for the rest of the content you’ve created, and you can link through to the blog or podcast episode where they can find out more.

This is probably one of the easiest ways to get into a rhythm of regularly contacting your email list.

Having other people read or listen to your content is also a great way to position yourself as an expert and build credibility.

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13. A price rise email

An email should be included in your marketing communications activities when you’re announcing a price rise in your business.

I recommend giving people advance notice when you’re putting up your prices as it will both:

  1. Stimulate demand – by letting people know they can still take advantage of your current prices for a short time, and
  2. Set client expectations – avoiding any negative surprises or disappointment when someone wants to buy from you in the future

14. A repurposed copy email

Sending emails doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and this type of email is one of the fastest of them all.

A repurposed email is where you take a copy from other content pieces and repurpose them as email copy.

So, have you written a social media post in the past that got a lot of engagement?

If yes, the copy would also make a great email that you could send to your email list.

Alternatively, do you have any old blog posts that you haven’t promoted for a while that would still be relevant and helpful for people on your list?

15. A thank you (gift) email

Sending a thank you gift to your list is a great way to surprise and delight your community.

It also doesn’t have to take you a heap of time to create.

Maybe you have a helpful guide that you usually only provide to your paid clients that you could share just this once.

Or perhaps you could share a template or resource that you created for your business that people on your email list would also find valuable.

Sending out a bonus freebie is a great way to say thank you to your email list.

So, there you have 15 types of emails that you can send to engage your email list.

With this list, you’ll never be stuck for ideas and be able to email your list to increase your client engagement regularly.

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