How to use client testimonials in your content marketing strategy

How to use client testimonials in your content marketing strategy

Client testimonials are a great way to showcase your expertise and build trust with potential clients.

It’s especially important for service-based businesses, as they need to convince clients that they will receive the quality of service they’ve been promised.

If you’re a service-based business, you’ve no doubt developed a way to capture client testimonials.

However, you may be wondering what’s the best way to share these once you’ve built up a few.

How to use client testimonials

In the blog post below, I outline 10 ways that you can use client testimonials in your content marketing strategy.

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10 Ways to use client testimonials in your content marketing strategy

Add client testimonials to your website copy

Adding client testimonials to your site can make a big difference to your online sales conversion rates.

People like to buy from someone they believe is an expert in their niche and has the experience of working with other clients.

When a potential client visits your services page, they are in buyer decision mode.

Also, they’re looking for proof that you have the experience to solve the problem they have.

Consider how you could add client testimonials to the website copy on your home page, about page, landing pages, and sales pages.

Also, when you’re choosing the client testimonials for your website, look for those which highlight your strengths and the transformational value you can add.

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Create and highlight Instagram stories

Often clients will send emails or share posts on social media expressing how grateful they are.

These pieces of communication make great content for sharing via your Instagram stories.

Next time you receive a lovely note from a past client take a screenshot of it.

Share it to your Instagram story thanking your client for their feedback.

Creating a “Client Love” or “Testimonials” story highlight icon is another excellent strategy for building your social proof.

Over time, add to these story highlights as you receive more from happy clients.

Design social media graphics

Creating social media graphics is one of the easier ways to share client testimonials.

Use a design software such as Canva to create a social media graphic that quotes your client.

Be sure to keep it short, sharp, and succinct. You don’t want it to be too long for someone to read as they scroll through the feed.

If you have a longer client testimonial, you could also use one small part of it on the social media graphic and add the rest of it to the caption.

If your client is on social media, it’s also good to tag them in the post.

It not only gives additional exposure to their business, but it also helps with your organic reach.

Interview a past client on your podcast

There’s nothing more powerful than having a client tell their story in their own words.

When you’re designing your questions for the podcast, reflect on the transformation your client has achieved.

Ask your client to describe where they were at when they first came to work with you.

As well as where they are now; and what the change has meant for them.

Write a case study blog or lead magnet

A case study is a great way to share educational information with potential clients, as well as to demonstrate the results you can achieve for them.

Within your case study, potential clients will discover the process that you followed with your client.

It’s also a chance for you to showcase the results and change that your client experienced by trusting you.

The format for a case study could be written and include images and charts if relevant.

You could also turn your case study into a lead magnet and give it a compelling headline to encourage more downloads.

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Record a video and share it on LinkedIn

If you run training workshops or information sessions, then you have an opportunity to record client testimonials at the end of the sessions.

Post these short videos along with a caption thanking your attendee for their feedback at the event.

With most people watching social media with the sound off, also remember to add captions.

Ask a past client to speak at your workshop

Having a past client attend or pop into your next event is a great way to get your client testimonial to cut through.

Consider how you could incorporate a short interview with your past client into your workshop or information session.

Choosing a client who fits the same profile of your attendees is essential.

Add a client testimonial slide to your webinar

Adding a few client testimonial slides to your webinar can be very powerful.

It provides that all-important social proof and helps to build trust with your audience.

When you include a client testimonial, be sure to add a photo and the name of your client’s business on the slide.

Also, keep the client testimonial succinct so that it’s easy for your audience to read.

Share client testimonials in your sales emails

Whenever you have a new service launch, it’s essential to include an email series in your marketing strategy.

And within this email marketing series, you could include a client testimonial email.

The format for this email could be highlighting one story about that client’s transformation after working with you.

Alternatively, you could include a few client testimonials that are shorter to highlight a range of benefits.

Post a photo of a past client and add a caption

Posting a photo of your client is another great way you can use client testimonials in your content marketing strategy.

Posting photos of a person is quite effective as it stands out well in the social media feed.

You could use the caption to describe your experience of working with them.

Also, you could use the caption to quote their client testimonial and thank them for their fantastic feedback.

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What other ways have you used client testimonials in your content marketing strategy? Share with us in the comments below.

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