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30 Marketing tools every service-based business should know about

As a small business owner, you’re likely using some helpful marketing tools. But you may be short on time to be able to research all the latest ones. You probably
Marketing budget
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5 Ways I invested my marketing budget when starting my small business

It takes so much courage to launch a small business. And it takes even more courage to spend money on it, especially in those early days when there is little
what is a marketing plan
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How to write a marketing plan for a service-based business

So, what is a marketing plan and how do you write an effective one for a service-based small business? A marketing plan is a documented outline or roadmap including the
seo keywords to attract your target market
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How to choose the right keywords for your target market

Choosing the right keywords to attract your target market is critical if you want to make it easy for your potential clients to find you. If you’re not sure what
Hire a coach
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Hiring a business coach: Your burning questions answered

I remember that feeling when I first invested in a coach. I was nervous… and I was wondering if they could give me the clarity, direction, and advice I needed
web designer questions
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9 Important questions to ask when you hire a web designer

Hiring a web designer to create your small business website is an important decision you’ll make. Your website is where your clients are going to research your services and make
small business website traffic
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15 Ways to drive traffic to your small business website

Driving traffic to your website is critically important if you are a service-based business. Especially if you are working from home or a co-working space, meaning your website is your
content marketing strategy
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How to create an effective content marketing strategy

If you’re a service-based small business, there’s no doubt you’re using content marketing as a strategy to grow your business. And why not. It’s a cost-effective way to get in
target audience strategies
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5 Common target market mistakes you’ll want to avoid

(And the target marketing strategies you’ll want to use instead) When starting your service-based small business, it can be difficult to define your target market, because you want to help
why you need to do a marketing plan
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7 Reasons why you need to do a marketing plan

You may be thinking, why do a marketing plan? Is it that important? Alternatively, perhaps you have no idea where to start when it comes to writing one. That’s ok.
20 Simple Ways to Get your First Client
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How to get clients: 20 Simple ways to get your first client

When you work out how to get clients for your new business, it’s such an exciting milestone! It provides a massive sense of relief after all those hours spent building
5 Tips for How to be More Productive in your Small Business
Marketing Planning, Marketing Strategy

5 Tips for how to be more productive in your small business

Do you wish you knew how to be more productive? So that you can find more time to work on your business rather than working in it all day long.
Small Business Tips
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7 Small business tips for developing a marketing strategy

Developing a marketing strategy is one of the best small business tips I can provide any service professional who is looking to save time, book more clients and increase profitability.
Target Market
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How to define a target market for your service business

Are you trying to define your target market for your service business but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re unsure why your marketing efforts are not bringing in
Strategic Planning
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10 Reasons why strategic planning is important for getting clients

Do you wish you had a steady flow of clients, yet don’t have any strategic planning in place to make this happen? Or maybe you are spending a lot of